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The attention and credibility earned by appearing on page one of Google search results is virtually unmatched. Accentuate PRs integrated search engine marketing puts all the pieces together to get you there without expensive pay per click and ad words. Contact us to find out how.

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Accentuate PR is a no excuses - we get it done group of experienced marketing, SEO, social media and public relations professionals who can help you accomplish your business goals. The world has moved online, but personal relationships are more important than ever. Accentuate executes integrated marketing programs that establishes and maintains the relationships you need to drive customer activity. We know what works and we do it right the first time.

What Is Accentuate PR?

No excuses - we get it done, says it all. Accentuate PR is not a traditional PR agency. To get it done, weve built an integrated marketing and PR agency that embraces every aspect of marketing, search engine optimization, public relations, social media, advertising, website development and video to drive customer activity.

Were a group of experienced professionals who think outside the box to generate the credibility and awareness that will help you accomplish your communication goals. Well create a customized team from our staff to give you the experience you need and to free you up from the minutiae. Whether its a complete communications strategy or just a quick cure for your latest marketing headache, we deliver on time, within budget and beyond your expectations.

PR Quotes

  • "If I only had two dollars left I would spend one dollar on PR."

    --Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft

  • "If your staff works enormously hard to create something they are proud of, it's foolish if you don't let the world know about it. Using yourself to get out and talk about it is a lot cheaper and more effective than a lot of advertising. In fact, if you do it correctly, it can beat advertising hands down and save tens of millions of dollars."

    --Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Airlines

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Applied Visual Sciences Receives Patent for Advanced Imaging Technology/Automated Target Recognition

Accentuate PR client Applied Visual Sciences has received a patent for image acquisition technologies used in healthcare diagnostics and homeland security applications to accurately distinguish between targeted objects, such as diseased cells and explosives, and other benign, non-targeted objects.

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